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In the modern world, love truly has no boundaries, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. With so many options you have, it’s definitely easier, but you still need to know where to go, how to find a suitable match, and don’t blow your chances with a hot foreign lady. To help you, we created a special dating foreign girls guide that opens up the good and hard of international relationships.

Dating Foreign Girls

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What should you know about dating foreign girls?

If you’re thinking about building a relationship with a foreign girl, there is so much you should know, as international dating has many peculiarities. Here are some frequently asked questions about foreign girls dating answered.

What should you know about dating foreign girls?

Why do women look for a partner abroad?

With the boom of internet technologies, dating online has become more accessible and more widespread. Many stunning women choose to look for a suitable partner abroad just because it’s trendy. The popularity of such dating opens a broader choice of potential husbands.

Chance to find a better life. The majority of foreign girls looking for a partner abroad are well-educated and employed. But many of them don’t have good opportunities so many find moving abroad very exciting.

Also, there are many country-specific reasons, like in the case of China, which has a shortage of women (119.1 males to every 100 females), you wouldn’t think that they’ll struggle to find a match. But the cultural bias against older or divorced people pushes stunning women to look for a partner online.

The good of a relationship with foreign girls

  • Amazing cultural exchange — Being in a multicultural relationship, you can enrich your inner world and experience traditions, cuisine, etc.
  • Learning a new language — You are not obliged to learn a new language right away, especially if you and your partner speak English, for example. But dating a native can be helpful to learn some new language, to have a better understanding.
  • Traditional values or almost the same mentality — You can find a partner with something that local women don’t. Depending on the nationality, you can find more traditional or westernized girls.

Hardships of dating foreign girls

  • Lots of choices — It might seem like a benefit, but in reality, it’s not that easy. With so many stunning options available, you might get lost in “relationshopping” in the hope that there is still someone better waiting for you. The problem of decision-making during dating foreign girls is widespread.
  • Language barrier — Not able to communicate your thoughts properly might be a big hardship. But the advice here is to get some patience and approach misunderstandings with some humor.
  • Cultural differences — It might seem strange to be with someone with totally different views and traditions. But if you learn and accept each other’s differences, it can only be a positive.

If you genuinely want to have a happy relationship, nothing can stop you. Being with a person that loves and cherishes you is worth overcoming some bumps on the road.

Best dating foreign girls guide

Many people that want to date globally are wondering what the best place to meet foreign girls is. And the answer is pretty simple — online dating sites. Using all the benefits of online dating services will help you meet a suitable partner from any country in the world in a secured romantic environment. It’s easier than looking for someone special IRL and accessible to anyone.

Best dating foreign girls guide

How to choose a foreign girlfriend on a dating site?

  1. Make a wish list. To choose a perfect girl, you need to know what you are precisely looking for. Create a list and be as specific as possible.
  2. Keep score. Once you’ve settled on all the traits you are looking for, prioritize them. Choose some deal-breakers, and don’t expect one person to have them all.
  3. Don’t judge based on first impressions. Even though profile information is detailed on most sites, it can’t give you a look at the complete picture.
  4. Market yourself. Women are choosing too. So, don’t reuse old photos and stay true to what you are.

How to approach a girl online?

If you are shy or feel very nervous approaching a gorgeous woman from abroad, we gathered some practical tips in our dating guide.

  • Be original. Forget your old pick-up lines and think about something you have in common. Also, keep in mind that stunning foreign girls usually receive tons of messages, and you need to think of how to stand out.
  • Persistence. Some women love to play hard to get and may appear a bit cold, and you need not mistake that with lack of interest.
  • Compliment her. But don’t hit her with the ‘you look like an angel’ line. Be genuine and creative.

It’s relatively easy to approach a woman and get a response online. The main benefit of dating sites is that members there are usually open to conversations, romantic chat, and flirting. But the main thing is to keep the spark going. Enjoy some good advice on keeping your relationship flame.

Secrets of keeping the spark in the online relationship

  • Be interested. Take time to get to know the girl you like and find things that work for you. For some couples, it is just constant communication; others prefer to send a lot of pics and videos.
  • Spice up communication using the site you are on to the fullest. Don’t stick just to the messaging function. Explore all the options like video chat, letters, stickers, winks, likes, etc.
  • Make little surprises. An ‘I think about you’ message during the day will make your foreign beauty smile, for sure. Besides, some dating sites offer delivery services that make real-life surprises like bouquets or delicious chocolate.
  • Be clear with your intentions. Nothing kills the spark more than differences in dating goals or uncertainty. When you can’t enjoy the physical intimacy with the person, you need extra reassurance of feelings and intentions.

10 don’ts dating foreign girls

  1. Don’t boast your knowledge of the country of your girl’s origin.
  2. Don’t think that all women from abroad can’t speak English.
  3. Never treat your girl as an Asian, Slavic, Latin girl, but care more about her personal traits.
  4. Don’t joke on culturally sensitive topics like religion if you don’t know if the girl will get it right.
  5. Never act disrespectfully towards her family or country.
  6. Don’t make fun of traditions or beliefs you don’t understand.
  7. Never assume that all women that are interested in international relationships are ready to move abroad.
  8. Don’t think that all foreign girls will fall for money. Women on dating sites have different intentions.
  9. Never miss important dates and treat your relationship the same as you would it IRL.
  10. Don’t neglect your girlfriend’s country’s dating peculiarities to understand better what she expects from you.


Even though dating a foreign girl comes with some difficulties, it’s worth it. A gorgeous beauty from abroad can become the real happiness that you were looking for. So, don’t waste your chance and join a reliable dating site.

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