Online Dating: First Date Ideas For An Unforgettable Experience

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Online communication is easy if you know what to do. With my help, you will see that approaching a complete stranger online is not difficult. Hi everyone, my name is Doris Gordon. I’m a coach who knows what he writes about. After reading this article, you will understand that all you need is a little preparation and a few pinches of confidence to seal the deal!

First Date With Someone You Met Online

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How to find a suitable girl for the first date?

Let’s first take a look at what you need to do to have a good first date. The major factor in the success of your online dating experience is searching for the right lady. It doesn’t mean that you need to find your future wife or soulmate. However, taking some time and studying what you want and what a dating site can offer you is essential to being successful.

How to find a suitable girl for the first date

Finding a suitable girlfriend online is not difficult. First, you need to know what she looks like. Height, weight, hair and eye color, skin tone, etc. Second, you need to specify what kind of background she has. Is she a smoker? Does she hold a degree? Was she married before? These questions should be answered to understand what kind of girl you are looking for. And of course, you need to know where your future online date should be from.

Once you know the answers to the questions mentioned above, you can look for a suitable profile page. You can either search manually or use some sophisticated filters that most online dating sites have. It will reduce the amount of time tremendously!

Only after you have decided what your girlfriend looks like, found and engaged in communication with her — you can begin to prepare for the first date.

How exactly to do this and some good first date ideas for online dating we will tell you here.

How to prepare for the first online date?

Let’s assume that you have found a potential girlfriend. What should you do next? Well, it is recommended to check out her profile page. There, you can find a lot of useful information apart from age, height, appearance, and background. You can see what kind of woman you might start a relationship with. She might write her favorite music, book, movie, or artist. She might provide information about her ideal man or vacation.

Learning this information can help you prepare for the first date. You can learn what she likes and learn a little more about this topic. Such information will be exceptionally useful for small talks and ice-breakers.

Therefore, if you have chosen online dating, first date preparation is only to carefully study the profile page of your partner. This will help you figure out at least the first few steps toward your relationships!

First online date ideas: how to be successful on your first try?

While it depends on your date, it is possible to be successful on your first try. Remember to review your date’s profile page. It will probably have at least a few lines about an ideal man for your date. Maybe she likes intelligent and lengthy talks. Or she is into relatable and funny anecdotes. These can help you come up with a perfect idea for your first date.

First online date ideas

However, if you can’t find such clues or your date simply doesn’t share them on her profile page, it is not a problem. Just do the following:

  • Start a conversation with your date by saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’.
  • Make a small compliment about her beauty. Don’t be too specific.
  • Ask what her favorite movie, music, or book is. Discuss this for some time.
  • Share your interests. Ask what your date thinks about your hobbies.

As you can see, you should never get too personal on your first date. Of course, you don’t have to talk about the weather, but some hurtless questions would be just perfect. Don’t expect too much from your first date — your goal is to have a decent first date with someone you met online. Leave a positive impression of yourself!

How to date online internationally: top 3 tips that will help you

If you are looking for online communication, you need to know how to date online women from other countries. While it is not that different from dating local girls, there are a few things that you need to know about:

  • Learn about your date’s culture. This is essential if you are dating a woman from a different country. You need to know the current social and political situation there, as your questions might be no appropriate if you don’t know something important. Moreover, learning something interesting about your date’s culture can be a wonderful topic-starter. In particular, you need to learn about the dating culture of your date’s country.
  • Try to learn a few words in your date’s language. Although you should stick to English for communication, saying hello or a few phrases in her language can be a nice touch.
  • Be respectful, romantic, attentive, and generous. You need to make a great first impression on a woman from a different country. How to be romantic on a date? Just pay a lot of attention to your date, but don’t forget to tell me about yourself as well. Don’t be rude or assume something about your date. Forget about all stereotypes that you know about your date’s nation or culture.
How to be romantic on a date online

How to be romantic on a date online?

If you want to be successful with a girl online, you have to show that you are the man she has always dreamed about. First online date ideas can help you find a good approach to your date, but your overall attitude should be aimed toward making your girl as comfortable as possible,

Often, guys think that they should bombard a woman with questions. The more she talks, the better the date goes. It is partially true, but you need to remember that a date is not an interview. You need to share information about who you are as well. It doesn’t matter whether you do it with charm, humor, intellect, or any other quality. As long as you show your lady that she is interesting and important to you, even if it is your first date, you will be successful with any girl you meet online.

What to avoid on a first date online?

While you know what to do on an online date, how to date online tips may not always be effective. You also need to know what not to do on a date with a foreign girl. Fortunately, I have a lot of information on this topic! Let’s take a look:

  1. Don’t be too hasty. If it is your first date, don’t ask too personal questions. Don’t plan your future with a girl you are seeing for the first time. Be in control of yourself.
  2. Don’t turn your date into an interview. It should be a conversation between two people, not an interview. Of course, you need to ask questions about your lady. But you should also let her learn something about you.
  3. Don’t be condescending, rude, or aggressive.
  4. Don’t disrespect your girl, even if your date is not as pleasant as you wanted. If you see that your date is not suitable for you, just tell her that it was wonderful to spend time with her, but you need to keep going. Don’t lie to her, but also don’t hurt her on purpose.


The first date with someone you met online is surely a thing that you may be nervous about. However, with the help of these tips mentioned above, you can understand that a first date is nothing to be afraid about. There are many articles that can help you understand how to prepare for the first date. For instance, you can check out this article about how to get a girlfriend online, and we can guarantee you that you will know how to approach any beauty from sunny Italy! All you need is some preparation and be confident!

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