How Long Should You Date Before Marriage — Does Time Matter?

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How long to date before marriage? This is probably the most widely asked question among those who are mind-blowingly and heart-meltingly in love. My name is Irene Stevents and I have a passion for writing informative articles dedicated to dating, marriage, and relationships in general. This one dwells upon the topic of how long the couple should date before getting married. Are you hesitating whether it is too early to tie knots with a person when you are 20? Or are you wondering whether it is not too late to go down the aisle after 50? Whichever age group you belong to, you will certainly have a deeper insight into how long it is necessary to date before creating a family.

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How Long To Date Before Marriage

Average time to date before marriage in different ages

Even though each situation is unique, numerous people hesitate whether they are ready to tackle such a big change in their life and recite their wedding vows under an arch of flowers. Besides, it is necessary to consider numerous factors such as compatibility, finances, and feelings before saying your vows. Keep reading to determine whether the time matters for creating a family and how long to date before marriage at different ages.

How long to date before marriage in your 20s?

Young couples experience the greatest difficulties when it comes to deciding whether to get married or not. Aside from a rich spectrum of feelings, people in their 20s are still in search of their roles in society. Moreover, both men and women strive to build brilliant careers, which drastically impacts relationships in general.

Not many people successfully settle down even in their late 20s. So, what to do if you are crazy about a person and want to share life with your significant other? Numerous surveys show that dating for one to three years before marriage in your 20s results in a happier atmosphere in a family. Nevertheless, each couple has its unique situation and timeline.

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of early marriage. According to the statistics, young couples have more frequent and productive sex. However, 65% of couples who marry before 25 soon get a divorce. Most often, they live about 3 years together before breaking up.

It is only up to you whether you want to go down the aisle after two weeks of acquaintance or three years of dating. However, be ready that aside from career development and finding your own place in society, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to your partner. Are you ready for such a huge responsibility?

How long to date before marriage in your late 30s?

People in their late 30s are more determined and demanding. Sometimes, it is rather hard for them to find the right person since they have enough life experience and are afraid of making mistakes. Nevertheless, the majority of people have already determined what they are looking for in relationships and don’t need much time to figure out whether a certain partner fulfills their expectations.

Once you find a perfect match, you will need to adjust your mutual goals and come up with a plan for the future. Typically, it takes from a year to two to completely understand whether you want to be with your significant other for the rest of your life. If one of the partners wants to postpone the wedding after two years of dating, it makes sense to think about whether your relationship is flowing in the right direction.

Numerous studies show that people who get married before 30 have the happiest families and the most long-lasting marriages. They already know what they want from relationships and try to achieve their family goals together. It is worth mentioning that couples who date for up to 2 years are less likely to divorce than those who say their vows after several months of dating.

How long to date before marriage over 50?

If you have no idea how much it should take to date before marriage when you are over 50, you should certainly think about whether you meet the right person. The statistic shows that the majority of marriages created after 50 are successful. People involved in such late marriages, most likely, will be together till the very end.

If you belong to the category 50+, you’ve probably achieved a lot in your life. The majority of people at this age have already had adult children and are ready to enjoy the rest of their lives with their perfect partners. If you feel like you have special chemistry between you two, why delay your special day.

Usually, couples over 50 date from 6 months to one year. When it comes to long-distance relationships, people need more time to get to know each other. Nevertheless, if you are sure about your feelings and your partner’s intentions, you can walk down the aisle just when your heart tells you.

Things to consider before getting married

Regardless of your age, it is necessary to consider multiple aspects before tying knots with a particular person. Carefully study the list to make the most out of your union.

How long to date before marriage
  • You can easily handle and resolve conflicts. Unless you want to experience constant yelling bouts, it makes sense to determine whether you can get on well and find compromises in numerous situations.
  • You can make each other happy. Although it may seem trivial, think about whether you are happy with your partner. Do you want to wake up with your significant other each morning? Are you ready to take care of your spouse? If you answer these questions positively, feel free to create a healthy family.
  • You are truly in love. Sincere feelings are essential. Your marriage will hardly be successful if you are not sure about your feelings, you experience an infatuation stage or you want to tie knots with a person because you feel like you have to. A healthy family is when people love each other without any reservations.
  • The same core values. If you have the same goals and life vision, your relationship definitely has a future. Both partners should look in the same direction to create a strong rapport and a happy family.
  • Financial stability. Money is the most widespread reason for conflicts between married people. It is necessary to agree on all financial points before moving in and starting living a new life together. If your mutual income leaves much to be desired, think about how you can pay for the bills and raise children.

Summing up

It is rather challenging to answer the question of how long a couple should date before getting married. Each particular situation may vary in terms of partners’ age, social status, and relationship goals. Even though it is not wise to hurry up, postponing your marriage isn’t a good idea as well. Try to speak honestly and determine a perfect timeline for your couple. Loyalty and honest talk will certainly contribute to your happy marriage.

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