Here’s How To Cheat Without Getting Caught

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Top 5 Facts About Here’s How To Cheat Without Getting Caught

  1. Always make sure to cover your tracks, such as deleting any evidence of cheating and not talking to anyone about it.
  2. Make sure to use reliable sources and double check your work to avoid any mistakes.
  3. Be aware of any potential penalties or consequences that could arise if you are caught cheating.
  4. Make sure to be familiar with the rules of the institution in which you are cheating.
  5. Don’t get too comfortable with cheating as it can become a habit and lead to more serious consequences.

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There is no point in burying your head in the sand: betrayal risk is the order of the day if not of the day at least of the month in (almost) all relationships.

Established couples, less serious ties, marriages that seem perfect-no one is immune because, often, the lure of the escapade is too strong to be ignored.

We’re not going to sit here and debate about the morality of cheating, which is still a politically incorrect gesture, but since it’s an (uphill) road that many people decide to take, if you must and want to, at least do it right: here’s how not to get caught and contain any damage.

Memorize the lover’s number with a fake name

Okay, you will say, so far I was activating us too.

But no, because it’s not so obvious: give it a feminine name if you’re female and vice versa masculine if you’re male, and make up a plausible story in reference to this person.

It’s usually best to draw from the work area, which in any case admits the entry of newcomers you don’t necessarily have to talk to your better half about, and above all justifies any messages that arrive at non-canonical times (No, I swear, this new chick in the office is giving me grief!).

Remove text preview from WhatsApp notifications

But not only that, even from simple text messages, Telegram, Facebook Chat and whatever communication medium you use.

The risk is to be at dinner with your boyfriend — cell phone on display on the table — and receive a message from such Serena in which she says she wants to find you naked in her bed, camping in all its glory on your screen.

Unless you possess a lively and vivid imagination, you will not get away with simply explaining that you are the object of too much attention from a colleague, trust me.

Set Yelephone Limits

Have you followed the previous two pieces of advice?

Well, then now you’re ready for the third: although the desire to spend hours on the phone, texting your lover, often takes over, take a deep breath and don’t overdo it.

In such cases, the golden rule is to set healthy boundaries, especially if you are living with someone else: spending evenings attached to a smartphone, chatting with the phantom Serena after a while will arouse suspicion, and you will be back to square one.

If you can, avoid texting in the evening hours: opt for a chamomile tea, a cold shower, a bath or at the limit a shot of schnapps, which may help you.

Avoid Social Networks

An old adage suggests that when embarking on a clandestine affair, the two lovers should not be friends on social networks.

Think about it for a moment: if you go and ask a divorce lawyer what is the main means through which the betrayed discovers adultery, he will answer with one word: Facebook.

So be smart, and in case you were friends even before clandestinity broke into your respective lives, take a step back and break this virtual connection–the chances of getting caught will drop dramatically.

Don’t Confide in Anyone

But really, eh!

At most with your best friend or best friend, then the confession must end there: for by a proven social law, the chances of getting caught are directly proportional to the number of people aware of the clandestine tryst.

Water in the mouth, then, and then don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Never Let Yourselves Be Caughtre Off Guard

Which, trivially, means that with your (sweet?) other half you must always have a plausible story ready to justify any tardiness, absence, cell phone off, missed calls, and so on.

Try to prepare it a little in advance, and make sure that it is plausible and convincing: as such, avoid including other characters-unable to confirm your alibi-into it, unless they are the two aforementioned best friends.

In such cases it is good to have a good memory, so go at it with extra doses of phosphorus and sushi dinners.

Avoid Crowded Places

It goes without saying that going for drinks with your lover in your favorite club is not exactly a good idea, but opting for very busy central places also exposes you to a risk that is not good to take.

Unless you decide to head for the classic worst bars in Caracas, in general, clandestine relationships are not meant to go out in the daylight, let alone in the evening light.

Put your desire for romantic dinners in the fancy restaurant that has just opened, or drinks in that new space everyone is talking about, back in the drawer: as fun as it may seem there and then, it certainly won’t be after you’ve been discovered.

Never in Your Own Home

If only as a matter of dignity: whether you cohabit with your boyfriend or not, turning your home into the theater of clandestine dating with your lover certainly does you no honor.

If you believe that the I did 30, then I’ll do 31 argument applies, you are way off the mark, because-even in cheating-you hope to maintain a minimum of decency: therefore, cross your apartment off the list of papable places to meet, and consider other alternatives.

Motels with fancy themed rooms included.

Deny. Always.

Unless you decide that the lover is the man in your life (and that would deserve a separate chapter), if suspicions begin to rise and you feel your back is against the wall, don’t give in and deny until the end.

Remember: you are not Jay-Z and you will not be able to record a multimillion-dollar album asking the whole world to forgive the escapade you have indulged in… you, presumably, will have to pay and collect the few cocus left.

In extremis, denial is perhaps the only card to play, with conviction and without wavering.


This article provides advice on how to navigate a clandestine affair without getting caught. It includes tips such as memorizing a fake name for the lover, removing text preview from notifications, setting phone limits, avoiding social networks, not confiding in anyone, never being caught off guard, avoiding crowded places, never meeting in your own home, and always denying if suspicions arise.

What is the golden rule when it comes to cheating?

The golden rule when it comes to cheating is to set healthy boundaries and avoid spending too much time on the phone or texting with the other person.

What are some tips on how not to get caught while cheating?

Some tips on how not to get caught while cheating include memorizing the other person’s number with a fake name, removing text preview from notifications, setting telephone limits, avoiding social networks, not confiding in anyone, never letting yourself be caught off guard, avoiding crowded places, never meeting in your own home, and always denying any suspicions.

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