How To Keep Online Relationship Strong And Healthy?

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My name is Doris Gordon, and today, I will give you some valuable tips on how to keep your online relationships strong and successful.

As a professional dating expert, I gave online relationship advice to many couples who had to cope with long distances. Here’s the thing — when you’re in love with a person who is far away from you, it may be rather complicated to keep the fire burning and develop your feelings. However, you can still make everything work if you put effort.

Find out what you and your partner should do to succeed with your online relationship below!

Online Relationship Advice

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Online relationship short overview

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a person who hasn’t ever heard of virtual dating. Anyhow, I’m going to make it clear what is an online relationship for you:

Online relationship short overview

“It’s when two people meet on a dating platform or social media, fall in love, and create their love story disregarding the distance.”

Sometimes such couples don’t even have a chance to meet each other in person for a while. But their attachment is strong that they’re not going to give up on their feelings. Of course, there are individuals who don’t believe in online dating and that it’s possible to build a successful romantic partnership. If you’re one of them, take a look at the following data, which shows how much the number of people who have met their soulmates virtually has grown between 1995 and 2017:

Where couples met

In 1995:

  • Online: 2%
  • Through friends: 33%
  • Bar/restaurant: 19%
  • At work: 19%

In 2017:

  • Online: 39%
  • Through friends: 20%
  • Bar/restaurant: 27%
  • At work: 11%

The percentage of couples who have met online not only increased, but also left other variants far behind.

How to make an online relationship work?

Someone can be scared by the perspective of being a thousand kilometers away from a partner. However, you should remember that distance often makes small things even more pleasant. Here are the working tips on how to keep an online relationship strong to help you enjoy your romantic journey:

How to make an online relationship work?
  • Communicate regularly. This aspect is crucial in any form of dating. If your partner is miles away from you, it’s necessary to pick convenient methods for contact. Whether you get in touch via messengers or phone, create a timeframe so that you both feel comfortable getting in touch in case you’re based in different time zones.
  • Be honest. Lies and the desire to be someone you’re not will lead you nowhere. Your partner will love not your thick wallet or another success at work but you. Besides, sooner or later, the truth will come out, and your sweetheart will be disappointed.
  • Arrange virtual dates. How to make an online relationship work? Spend time together even if you’re located on different continents. Organize a party for two with drinks and dinner to recreate a real meeting.
  • Do some things together. Watch videos or listen to music at the same time and discuss it. You can even go for a walk with your partner and turn on your camera. Besides, reading a similar book or watching a movie is also a nice idea. It would be an excellent topic for a conversation and a chance to get to know them better.
  • Remember each other’s schedules. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your partner because you don’t know what they do and how they live. Learn when they usually wake up, have a break at work, or go to a gym.
  • Make surprises. From small things, like an e-card or a playlist, to real gift delivery–boost your connection through making pleasant gestures. It will help you strengthen the bond.
  • Tell each other about your friends and families. Since you don’t have an opportunity to get acquainted with your partner’s environment in person and vice versa, share stories connected with your people. It’s a nice way to learn more about the way of life of a sweetheart, their values, and interests.
  • Discuss your plans. How to build a strong online relationship? It’s necessary to be sure that your partner sees the future with you. Talk about the perspective of living together, a romantic vacation, and other serious things.
  • Meet in person regularly. To make a long-distance relationship work, you’ll need to spend time with your honey in real life. So, visit each other to keep the fire alive and strengthen your connection.

You shouldn’t avoid online dating just because someone told you that it doesn’t have a happy ending. Use my recommendations, and you’ll have a fantastic love journey.

Online relationship successful love stories

Do you still doubt whether it is possible to have a strong relationship online? Just check out the stories of these couples:

Anna and James

Anna and James: Online relationship successful love story

“We’ve met on a dating site, and it was a real sparkle between us. It seemed like we were meant to be together, but the distance didn’t allow us to meet in person right after getting acquainted. However, we used every opportunity to talk on the phone or make a video call.

In two months, we had a real date (James bought a ticket and went to visit Anna). The romantic path that led us to marriage lasted for two years. We came to each other, had romantic getaways, and never stopped surprising one another. Now, we’re a family with two kids. So, who said that online relationship doesn’t work?”

Linda and Paul

Linda and Paul: Online relationship successful love story

“Both of us had disappointments with ex-partners in the past, and therefore each one thought that starting with dating apps is ok to be back in the game. Well, it was the right decision because now we’ve been married for 3 years, and life has never been better.

How did it work out? In fact, it wasn’t hard to maintain everything as we had many common interests and could spend hours discussing music or movies. We met offline a few times, and both of us felt that it wasn’t enough. We had a small wedding with a few friends and our parents several years ago, but we make each other happier every day.”

Indeed, distance doesn’t matter when there’s love between two people. With my online relationship advice and pure feelings, you’ll have a wonderful romantic path.

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How to find a partner online?

The best way to meet someone online is to register on a dating site. Create an attractive profile with photos and essential information about yourself and communicate with other members. Chances are you’ll quickly find a special person.

How long does it take to find a potential partner online?

The average time needed to find a relationship on online dating platform is a few months or so. Everything depends on how active you’re, your goals, and your preferences. To make the search quick and accurate, use filters to increase the chance of meeting a perfect match faster.

Is an online relationship better than an offline one?

If you’d like to have a partner of a preferred type or nationality, online dating is the best choice. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to meet a person with the same views and values. Unfortunately, in real life, it may take much time to find someone worthy. So give a virtual relationship a try!



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